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Mobile App Design & Development

Delivering the technical talent to build great apps and Creating engaging mobile app experiences through user-focused design.

Mobile App Process

We break down the app development process into four different stages: pre-design, design, development and support.

We can take a modular approach and handle these stages individually, but the biggest value-add we can offer is taking a project from beginning to end.

With that in mind, we walk you through the full process, explaining what each stage is and what you can get out of it.



We analyse the requirements of the project in order to recommend the best approach to meet both business and user goals. We do not simply take briefs; we challenge any pre-defined functionality or decisions and discuss alternatives utilising our deep mobile knowledge.
Combing your industry knowledge with our mobile technology expertise.


We draw on our extensive experience, derived from designing over 250 mobile solutions, in order to help clients design a first class user experience.

Our innovative designs will ensure that the UX of your app has your end user at the forefront of every decision. With user testing and feedback every step of the way, we are able to design the optimum solution for your target audience.



Following agile methodology, we are able to do continuous releases to give you full visibility of the project as it progresses. Our collaborative approach will give you the opportunity to feedback at the end of each sprint.

Working within test driven environments means we can ensure well performing and stable builds throughout development.



Once an application is launched, we monitor it closely with our in-built analytics to maintain and improve the product as we move through the future phases.

We pride ourselves on proactively analysing the data, which allows us to recommend additional functionality or changes, helping embed the application within the taget audience, and gaining valuable first-hand feedback.